OPEN letter to President Raila Odinga From Kisii Banana Peddler

Dear Baba


Pardon me for interrupting your morning. I know well you are still honeymooning after taking the oath of office as the People’s President of Kenya. I hope this letter finds you in fine fettles nevertheless. Baba, before I say anything, allow me to readily confess that what you did on January 31, 2018, will forever remain indelible not only in the hearts of your supporters, but also on the minds of your haters. The oath you took confirmed that you are too positive to be doubtful, too determined to be defeated and too optimistic to be fearful. You are the only man with the balls of steel.

Sir, since I was birthed around thirty something years ago, I have never seen a man as mettlesome as you. I have never seen a man as unintimidated as you. I have never seen a man as unblinking as you. I have never seen a man with such unshrinking balls of steel as yours. I have never seen a man as untroubled as you. Baba, where did you summon all the unafraidness from to lift that Bible and swear allegiance to the people? How the hell did you gather all the courage to commit such a treasonable crime lionheartedly knowing well if pronounced culpable, guilty the penalty is death?nasa tibim

Sincerely, what you did on Tuesday left me discombobulated. Uhuru Kenyatta was discombobulated. Museveni was discombobulated. Mugabe was discombobulated. Kagame was discombobulated. Trump was discombobulated. Atwoli was discombobulated. Putin was discombobulated. In fact, Kalonzo too, was discombobulated.

You knew well there were thousands of policemen deployed at Uhuru Park to harass, dehumanize, maim and even kill you and your people but you still woke up and headed there. They say fame is a strange thing. Some men gain it when they die, while others just fade. You have conquered all odds and earned it while still alive. History shall be kind to you some day because you have written it. We will never forget January 31, 2018.

Baba, by bravely lifting that Bible and taking oath as administered by Ruaraka MP T.J. Kajwang and witnessed by senior counsel Miguna Miguna, you buried our shackles of perpetual slavery. You restored the inalienable right of the great people of Kenya to elect a leader of their choice under a free, fair, peaceful and credible election. Like you always say, the victory is not yours. The victory is for the valiant people of Kenya. Thank you for representing the new face of true democracy in our great nation.

Baba, the moment you pronounced those four little but powerful words “I Raila Amolo Odinga” your majestic presence displayed a rich pedigree with royal courage. Thank you for your immaculate heart. You are wiser. When government deployed thousands of police at Uhuru Park to entrammel your colourful inauguration ceremony, millions of fearless Kenyans thronged in your defence. They showed resistance and now they are proud of it. They were no cowed by Rungus and guns. When the people arrived, they thundered and members of the business community and the government chickened and fled with their machetes. Nothing could scare the hell out of the people and make them abandon their mandate.

You are the true anti-corruption crusader. You hate corruption with a passion. You take on both the high and the mighty that oppress the poor. You fearlessly faceoff with senior government officials who catch the corruption bug that manifests in wastage, indiscipline, illegality and outright diversion of budgetary allocations. Thank you for voicing your opinion freely in defense of free speech and expression. Thank you for always striving to get your facts right before venturing to take any action. We all know that most of your claims are incomplete without buttressing them with unassailable facts and figures. On behalf of the oppressed, allow me to thank you for fighting for the progress of our country.
I wish you well Sir.

Yours sincerely,
Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka the Banana Peddler


If Raila is sworn in as the peoples president, there will be no illegality committed under our new constitution!!!

24852228_736445223212090_1540041466282653533_nI want to state here clearly for all Kenyans to know that if Raila is sworn in as the peoples president, there will be no illegality committed under our new constitution.Kenyans current political Situation{KIFO KISIMANI SETUP}none!.Then i have a few questions specifically for the church,the diplomats,the business community and all those asking us to accept and move on.NOT GOING TO BE EASE FOR UHURUTO

1.are you aware that iebc committed a crime in the servers on august 8th and when the supreme court ordered the opening of the servers they blatantly rejected?.MISHI MBOKO KIBOKO YAO

2. are you aware that nothing was done by the iebc to correct the illegalities and irregularities committed on august 8th and after.

3. Are you aware that nothing has been done to get the truth behind musando’s murder?.

4.Are you trying to ignore and agree that the massacre of the youth by police was a normal police procedure to maintain peace?.

5.I think the church, the diplomats and the business community are displaying hypocrisy and intentional ignorance when the facts are very clear.If there will not be any dialogue on arresting the iebc criminals and stopping the defiling of the peoples right to vote, then i think Raila should go full speed to secession. Nothing short of that will survive!

if someone thinks that Kenyans will accept such electoral fraud and move on they are terribly mistaken.we still remember what chiloba and his group did both in 2013 and 2017.we will not let go!.if we do we will betray our children and grand children.our dreams and that of our children depend on electoral justice and not what the united states or Britain say.we are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that our vote counts and nothing those with monopoly of violence can do to stop us from realizing that goal.nothing!!!!!LISTEN COOL LUO RHUMBA HERE 

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While testifying in the hearing of the petition challenging Cyprian Awiti’s election at Homa Bay High Court today{Read more}WhatsApp Image 2017-11-02 at 6.32.44 PM, County RO Michael Kosgei admitted that all the forms 37A filed before court by Governor Magwanga are statutory forms with requisite security features.
The RO also owned up to the alteration he made on Form 37C without countersigning.
“I changed the figure to reflect the true voter turnout after learning of the inclusion of a nonexistent polling station by the name Sindo Main Beach Banda Room 3.” He said.
Both IEBC and petitioner’s forms filed in court have similar features ranging from overwritten, blank, not signed, missing official stamp and lacking PO and agents details, among other anomalies.
The only difference is in the figures where IEBC forms indicate that the computer-generated Awiti is ahead of Governor Magwanga by 20,000 whereas Governor Magwanga’s figures put him ahead of the Jubilee sympathizer Awiti by 50,000 votes.
Mr Kosgei also could not explain why the results of form 37B from Rangwe and Homa Bay Town Constituencies were different from his own captured in form 37C.
Earlier in the day, Rangwe and Suba South ROs witnessed, with the Suba South guy admitting that he, like his Karachuonyo counterpart, broke ballot boxes seals to stuff Polling Station Diaries into the boxes after election.
Cyprian Awiti and his Orata are expected to witness tomorrow, eliciting concerns from the burly and rotund governor’s handlers over the size of the witness stand which is too small for him.Wondering why the kitchen is hot? October 26th, 2017 “Presidential” Elections
It will also be interesting to see whether Awiti will manage to stand up for hours and be able to speak in fluent English, his major challenge.

Wondering why the kitchen is hot? October 26th, 2017 “Presidential” Elections

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-31 at 12.07.43 PM

1. Mombasa ❌{nrm force}
2. Kwale ❌
3. Kilifi ❌
4. Tana River ❌
5. Lamu ❌
6.Taita Taveta ❌{SHAM ELECTION}
7. Garissa ❌
8. Wajir ❌
9. Mandera ❌
10. Mandera ❌
11. Marsabit ❌
12. Isiolo ❌
13. Tharaka-Nithi ✔
14. Embu ✔
15.Kitui ❌
16.Machakos ❌
17. Makueni ❌
18. Nyandarua ✔
19. Nyeri ✔
20. Kirinyaga ✔
21.Murang’a ✔
22. Kiambu✔
23. Turkana ❌
24. West Pokot ❌
25. Samburu ❌
26. Trans-Nzoia ❌
27. Uasin Gishu ✔
28. Elgeyo-Marakwet ✔{WHAT HAPPENED AT WIPER HQ}
29. Nandi ✔
30. Baringo ✔
31. Laikipia ✔
32. Nakuru ✔
33. Narok ❌
34. Kajiado ❌
35. Kericho ✔
36. Bomet ✔
37. Kakamega ❌
38. Vihiga ❌
39. Bungoma ❌
40.Busia ❌
41. Siaya ❌
42. Kisumu ❌
43. Homa Bay ❌RAILA ENIGMA
44. Migori ❌
45. Kisii ❌
46. Nyamira ❌
47. Nairobi ❌

Counties achieving over 25% turnout – 15/47
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As an analyst, I am not in shock that the Supreme Court hearing of today experienced Quorum Hitch!

Following the killings that have recently been witnessed in the country targeting a specific ethnic group, and the Yesterday’s attempt of assassination on Mwilu that led to significant injuries of her driver… WISDOM had to take its course…1440853

There comes a time, when you don’t need to give rulings on everything, there comes a time, WISDOM overtakes one’s power! I today compare Maraga with Pilate..MARAGA NEXT MOVE

I believe it is God who is using His powers to offer protection unto his people… There comes a time when you wash your hands and let them do as they wish! It is hours to the illegal Uhuru’s birthday… Maraga and his team have washed clean their hands, this is total wisdom! They have been left to do as they wish, we shall meet them afterwards.

I mean this election is known by everyone to be a sham one! It was annulled before, court contempt by IEBC and Jubilee witnessed! Everything is carried out illegally! Jubilee is dying for power! Trying to protect 2022 politics…

But come to think of this… How possible is it to conduct an election when there are no RETURNING OFFICERS!!!!! All the 290 returning officers inclusive of the DEPUTY NATIONAL RETURNING OFFICER were illegally appointed! So is it Uhuru, Ruto, Duale etc going to return from all these polling stations???? Every move by Jubilee is illegal!

Don’t forget it that IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati did not respond to the allegations petitioned by the 3 voters… You should obviously know that the silence gives a full consent to the petition!!RAILA ODINGA FINAL WORD

Trust me, don’t panic, we are still on the very right direction, UHURU will not rule this country, take this to the bank.


22050285_1243830685722325_1650974062444464377_nI am a NASA supporter and I have the right to do what has been specified for me in the constitution be it Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, Wetangula, Kalonzo Musyoka or my friends, they CANNOT tell me what to do on the election day. Nasa in machakos
On the 26th of October 2017, I will wake up very early like any other election date, take my ID card, walk down to the Mpesa agent and withdraw some cash…then go to the supermarket, buy a few stuff, go back to the house to wait for Simply Maria in the evening.