lampy skin disease OUTBREAK in MUHORONI


Livestock is a source of income for various families. As it has more advantages than disadvantages they do get attacked by parasites, diseases and unfavorable environment.

Right back in Muhoroni a farmer may incur great loss in terms of production as a unique infestation has attacked one of his animals. The wounds have attacked the animal with wounds around the head. The wounds have developed a stench smell. The animal is in great pain as the wounds continue to turn viral on the skin.READ MORE

The farmer has made a move and call vetenary officers whose aid had not bore any fruit.

The farmer is now appealing to animal health institutions, research institution and veteran animal health experts to come on board to support him. Since this infection may be contagious and may cause harm to a large quorum of livestock.THIS MAN SAKAJA

The owner also fear slaughtering of the animal since it may even affect human life.
Whoever may have a breakthrough to solve this calamity to come on board and support this noble course.


Author: Yunky

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