People’s Assembly Schedule:

1. January 7th:SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOU-TUBE CHANNEL24852228_736445223212090_1540041466282653533_n
On Saturday in Kakamega County, Western Region.
2. January 13th:
On Saturday in Machakos County in Ukambani.
3. January 21st:
On Sunday in Mombasa County, Coast Region.
4. January 24th:
On Wednesday in Suswa, Narok County of Maasai.
5. January 27th:MORE NEWS
On Saturday in Migori County, Luo Nyanza Region.
6. January 28th:
On Sunday in Kisii County, Kisii Nyanza Region.
7. January 30th:
On Tuesday at Uhuru Park in Nairobi County.
Culmination: Administration of oath.BREAKING NASA NEWS{NRM}


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