The church and corruption in Kenya!!

churchIn this current age and time we can categorically say without fear of contradiction that we the church, has failed ourselves and the society. This is why instead of giving direction to the body politics, we are being given direction by the very politicians whose utterances and conduct are enough evidence that they are obviously against the statutes of a morally upright society. dp kalonzo
We have lacked the moral authority to condemn, rebuke, correct, and give sound teachings to them who needs the teachings as a matter of urgency. It is because the church had long opened it’s doors, welcomed and embraced the the bossom of corruption. It practically impossible to dine with a corrupt benefactor and turn arround to condemn the act and the actor at the same time.
This is the situation where the church is. The politicians have long discovered that there is not enough hard working young people in the church. Majority of them are destitutes, the sponsor churches themselves are covetious and selfish. Leaving the poor faithfulls to have no better option to turn to in times of need Of need but the politicians. The church leaders have made politicians Cash cow. They don’t find a reasons to work with the little they have. Their projects are funded by the politicians. 001 joho struggles
As the saying goes, it is difficult to bite the hand that feeds you, the church has been captivated by the allure of cheap and free things. This has to stop if the church want to regain it’s righful position and purpose. The youth should learn that blessings according to God’s design come through hard work, through one’s own sweat, not through begging especially from those whose conduct and transactions are obviously questionable, and not through betting. It is upon the young Christians to make a deliberate decision to liberate themselves from this deception. The strength of the young should be utilized to this end.kalonzo decides

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