January is watching.!!!!!!

January is watching.police brutalityMAD
January has seen you chase black label with a Jack Daniels.
January has seen you chase away a dog using coins.
January has seen you mollycoddle December.police exposed
Janaury has seen you buy new clothes instead of washing the old ones.
January has seen you use rice to get a chicken.
January has seen you insult a gas station attendant for asking,” niweke ngapi sir” and your response, ” Boss weka mafuta mpaka gari itapike”

January has seen you wash your hands and face using dasani.kisumu place to be

January has seen you get Uber to the washrooms.

January has seen you pretend meat made in Nairobi is not meat, and only one made in Kitengela or Naivasha is worthy the name. January has seen you have breakfast in Naivasha, lunch in Nakuru and dinner in Mombasa.

January has seen all that and took note. January will revisit.subscribe for more


Author: Yunky

#Tech is my world, i breathe and eat technology,

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