If Raila is sworn in as the peoples president, there will be no illegality committed under our new constitution!!!

24852228_736445223212090_1540041466282653533_nI want to state here clearly for all Kenyans to know that if Raila is sworn in as the peoples president, there will be no illegality committed under our new constitution.Kenyans current political Situation{KIFO KISIMANI SETUP}none!.Then i have a few questions specifically for the church,the diplomats,the business community and all those asking us to accept and move on.NOT GOING TO BE EASE FOR UHURUTO

1.are you aware that iebc committed a crime in the servers on august 8th and when the supreme court ordered the opening of the servers they blatantly rejected?.MISHI MBOKO KIBOKO YAO

2. are you aware that nothing was done by the iebc to correct the illegalities and irregularities committed on august 8th and after.

3. Are you aware that nothing has been done to get the truth behind musando’s murder?.

4.Are you trying to ignore and agree that the massacre of the youth by police was a normal police procedure to maintain peace?.

5.I think the church, the diplomats and the business community are displaying hypocrisy and intentional ignorance when the facts are very clear.If there will not be any dialogue on arresting the iebc criminals and stopping the defiling of the peoples right to vote, then i think Raila should go full speed to secession. Nothing short of that will survive!

if someone thinks that Kenyans will accept such electoral fraud and move on they are terribly mistaken.we still remember what chiloba and his group did both in 2013 and 2017.we will not let go!.if we do we will betray our children and grand children.our dreams and that of our children depend on electoral justice and not what the united states or Britain say.we are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that our vote counts and nothing those with monopoly of violence can do to stop us from realizing that goal.nothing!!!!!LISTEN COOL LUO RHUMBA HERE 

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