Why Uhuruto are walking on a tight ROPE

i) They cannot appoint a cabinet.{READ MORE HERE}e Since NASA affiliated MPs have indicated that they won’t participate in the vetting process, the result of any vetting of appointees will be an illegitimate cabinet. The current cabinet are to vacate office soon. No cabinet, no government!WATCH LIVE NEWS HERE
Up to that point, I hope the slay queens are still with me…

ii) Once Mr. Odinga is sworn in as the People’s president, he will have the power to guide the People’s Assembly into a call for referendum. Here, it will either be a referendum on secession or a referendum for a new election within 60 days. The latter will be prioritized.{SUSBCRIBE NOW}

Slay queens; next time we meet here, you won’t be asking ‘how will they do it’ instead you will be asking ‘how did they do it’?{RAILA ODINGA BOMSHEL}


Author: Yunky

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