It’s becoming Elephant for Jubilee and IEBC

IEBC to Provide Election Forms for Scrutiny{READ MORE HERE}

The Supreme Court has ordered IEBC to allow petitioners access to all original

coaching fees

To hire more writers.


copies of Forms 34 A, B, and C. The material was requested in an application by activists Njonjo Mue (International Commission of Jurists, Kenyan chapter) and Khelef Khalifa (Muslims for Human Rights){THE AKOMBE CHRONICLES}.

They asked the court to allow them access to the vital information saying it will prove the election as conducted by the IEBC on October 26 was not free and fair.

The activists had sought to be allowed access to the full audit report by KPMG claiming it would prove the number of people IEBC claims voted in the fresh poll was inflated.(SCOK HOT SEAT}


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