Implications of Yesterday’s presser by the people’s president..

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I know many of you were left more confused and unable to make sense of yesterday’s press statement by NASA. A matter that has not left the the rather noisy Murkomen’s ,Kindki’s and Duale’s yapping allover must be of grave consequence ….
lemme break it down{CJ MARAGA DID IT AGAIN}

Economic Boycott,Civil Disobedience , Demonstrations,Pickets, a people’s assembly and dialogue task force is a LETHAL Mix that can bring down a government and which cannot be dealt with through the bullet.But what will be the impact of having a parallel government run by the people ?It means that :
The current Government cannot borrow externally or internally.The Only possible Monetary injection will be through Charity and donations to the People’s assembly
Citizens will not be paying taxes{NRM COMBAT}
All donor funds will be withdrawn
There is no Government in the world that can operate without sources of funding.Remember there are impending sanctions by IGAD{NASA DID IT AGAIN}

This will certainly Paralyze the Government Completely and bring it on its Knees…

Simple minds, this is not for you to digest


Author: Yunky

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