RAILA ODINGA PRESS BRIEFING, some highlights here…

.1555898{nasa videos}
-NASA campaigned for election justice and democracy

-Six days to the election, we met IEBC Chair Chebukati who told us he was not able to deliver a credible election{RAILA ODINGA NEXT MOVE}

-EBC was not able to deliver a believable voter turnout figure, despite the fact that KIEMs kits transmit every 2 hours

-We consistently warned that this election would be much worse than the last

-Kenyans also witnessed indications that IEBC was not in charge of the elections

-We saw county commanders, Jubilee politicians give information about a process IEBC should have been in charge of

-We reiterate that this election must not stand, If allowed to stand it will make a mockery of elections

-We do not want elections with pre-determined outcomes, those that will become coronations for some to ascend to power{WHAT BABA DID}

-The regressive amendment of the election has now come to force

-Power can only be exercised by leaders democratically elected{OBAMA BOMBSHELL}

-We in Nasa will not allow this sham election to stand

-We will see to it that we have a free, fair, credible election

-We have evidence of manipulation of voter turnout numbers in Jubilee strongholds.

-The political crisis we are in is about free and fair elections, specifically, constitutionalism and the rule of law.{RAO SECURITY DETAIL}

-Governments are not above the constitution and constitutions are not above the people.

-The resistance movement shall be responsible for economic boycott, peaceful protest

-If there is no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government

-We shall have a people’s assembly that will comprise of elected leaders and leaders from other sectors and civil society

– The Resistance Movement shall be responsible for putting in place a vigorous program for economic boycott, peaceful protests

-NASA is for dialogue, all political problems are solved through dialogue

-We will continue to assemble, demonstrate and present petitions to public offices as we choose. God bless Kenya.{OBAMA MESSAGE TO KENYAS}


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