OT-Morpho a global leader in digital security, identification technologies, biometrics and identity solutions that is running Kenyan election has written a strong protest to IEBC.

“All our KIEMS kits supporting up to 4G network were used by your commission to biometric and alphabetically identity voters which indeed they did and non of our kits failed both in transmission and identification {watch more live videos here}DBpT-tOXUAUbDW1, your commission at the end of voting had the total number of biometric captured voters and alphabetical captured voters and a total of all voters who voted on 26th October 2017 .
The votes transmission sum and results were transmitted accurately to all your servers in a secure encrypted format . This to say all the results and biometric and alphabetical identified voters results are safely within the servers and it will take few seconds to find all your total sums and tabulations with graphical vote statistics released.{WE WILL QUIT~OT-MORPHO }

We are dismayed by reports from your commission that our kits are not accurate hence can not be used for vote verification. We have not been shown any tabulated results that brings out false data tabulation , our machines are computers that have passed all necessary IEEE vitrification. Our machines meets value of your money , OT morpho we are in global business of security and identification we can not seat and watch as our company is accused falsely {IEBC DONT TEXT ME AGAIN PLZ!!}.
You need truth and tabulated results in minutes ? you know clearly it’s accurately in your servers . Any statistics reference regarding any polling station it’s available in your servers”


Author: Yunky

#Tech is my world, i breathe and eat technology,

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