Anti-Repeat Presidential Election Protests Held in London

The Kenya High Commission in London on Thursday closed early as NASA supporters protested outside. This was the second time NASA supporters were holding a demonstration in London.Read more.22007915_1243831509055576_983596045645243032_n “We just saw the national flag being lowered and the entrance door shut when we started to assemble outside,” said Geroge Osore, the chairman and leader of the demonstration.

Asked why they were demonstrating{kibaki fails to cast his vote,} Osore said: “We are protesting against the sham election going on in Kenya. We are saying we are not party to it. We have seen innocent Kenyans killed. This is the start of resistance and civil disobedience.”

There were about 70 demonstrators waving placards with messages: “Uhuru must go”, “We need justice” and “Stop police killings”.

It is very evident that the un warm welcome of the anti- presidential repeat elections was not only experienced in Kenya, but also in the Diaspora too. They were never locked out in the condemning of the repeat sham elections that was held against the rule of law, and against the constitution too.subscribe for more updates

As tension rise within the various parts of the country Kenya, Kenyans living in London who are NASA supporters also cane out openly to defend the democracy, as they feel that demonstrations are the only way to send their honest opinion about the just concluded presidential repeat elections.NASA{NRM}

Mbori Hope


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