Voters, IEBC Officials Locked out of Mombasa Polling Stations

IEBC officials were locked out of two polling stations in Mombasa county administration buildings during Thursday’s repeat presidential election.cropped-22050285_1243830685722325_1650974062444464377_n

READ MORE HEREAn official who declined to be named said they suspected the halls were locked on orders by Governor Hassan Joho. Joho and Likoni MP Mishi Mboko were not immediately available for comment on this.

Mildred Odinga, an observer, said they found padlocks on the doors. But voting went on outside the halls and was marked with low turnout.KAKAMEGA LOW VOTERS TURNOUT

Likoni OCPD Benjamin Rotich said the exercise had been peaceful. At vision polling centre in Soweto area, Likoni, a group pitched camp to observe the exercise. They said police should not try to disperse them as they will “retaliate without fear”.

The police therefore stepped aside and allowed them to do as they wished I fear of retaliation by the rowdy group

Mbori Hope


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