Migori Youths Staged Late Night Demos Against Repeat Poll

Youths in Migori on Wednesday blocked roads in the county with bonfires and electricity poles in protest against the repeat elections. This was in an attempt to block the _68881776_opp_apIndependent Electoral and Boundaries Commission from distributing ballot materials.READ MORE

The county is one of the strongest National Super Alliance leader Raila Odinga support bases. The Opposition chief had directed his supporters not to take part in the election, calling it a shambolic process. Raila, who has abandoned the repeat presidential election, was to face President Uhuru Kenyatta and six others.

The youths in Migori engaged police in running battles late into the night following the standoff. “We learned of an attempt to sneak voting materials and ballot papers in polling centres at night,” one of the youths said. They kept vigil in polling centres and have turned deaf ears to the IEBC.WHAT HAPPENED IN MOMBASA



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