K?Kisumu IEBC Officials Avoid ‘Suicide’

Ghost towns and low turnout were the cases in NASA strongholds early This morning when voting in the presidential rerun began. Read more here.1555898With a divided country, few woke up early to cast their votes just as they did on August 8th. President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner at that time but NASA leader Raila Odinga successfully petitioned the victory.

The coalition evolved into a resistance movement on Wednesday and Raila said he will work in the togetherness with the people to protect the constitution. He asked his charged supporters to stay away from polling stations today. Queues snaked through estates and stretched to roads last month but today, many of those very queues were deserted.

In Kisumu, there were no signs of polling stations being set up and the few election officials to be found were cowering in an empty community hall. “Going out of that gate with this ballot box is like a suicide mission,” said Evans, a 26-year-old polling official.

Low turnout was also the case at Tumaini and Ziwa la Ng’ombe Primary School polling centres in Nyali, as well as at Moi Avenue Primary School in Starehe constituency, Nairobi, and in parts of Machakos county. In Siaya county, residents barricaded roads, light bonfires and paralysed transport to prevent voting.kisumu updates

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