As an analyst, I am not in shock that the Supreme Court hearing of today experienced Quorum Hitch!

Following the killings that have recently been witnessed in the country targeting a specific ethnic group, and the Yesterday’s attempt of assassination on Mwilu that led to significant injuries of her driver… WISDOM had to take its course…1440853

There comes a time, when you don’t need to give rulings on everything, there comes a time, WISDOM overtakes one’s power! I today compare Maraga with Pilate..MARAGA NEXT MOVE

I believe it is God who is using His powers to offer protection unto his people… There comes a time when you wash your hands and let them do as they wish! It is hours to the illegal Uhuru’s birthday… Maraga and his team have washed clean their hands, this is total wisdom! They have been left to do as they wish, we shall meet them afterwards.

I mean this election is known by everyone to be a sham one! It was annulled before, court contempt by IEBC and Jubilee witnessed! Everything is carried out illegally! Jubilee is dying for power! Trying to protect 2022 politics…

But come to think of this… How possible is it to conduct an election when there are no RETURNING OFFICERS!!!!! All the 290 returning officers inclusive of the DEPUTY NATIONAL RETURNING OFFICER were illegally appointed! So is it Uhuru, Ruto, Duale etc going to return from all these polling stations???? Every move by Jubilee is illegal!

Don’t forget it that IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati did not respond to the allegations petitioned by the 3 voters… You should obviously know that the silence gives a full consent to the petition!!RAILA ODINGA FINAL WORD

Trust me, don’t panic, we are still on the very right direction, UHURU will not rule this country, take this to the bank.


Author: Yunky

#Tech is my world, i breathe and eat technology,


  1. Your analysis is biased…. Try to be linient a little bit,i enjoyed the Maeaga’s part only…..
    Respect the rulling government please….


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